Hey, let’s work together!

How would it feel to:

  • lift the fog of overwhelm and find more peace in your everyday life (without changing your schedule too much)
  • be in control of your communication – express your wild and unique self and set boundaries so you don’t teeter off into overwhelm or survival mode
  • know where you’re going, what you want and how to get there with expert guidance for a clear, focused point of view
  • sing no more drama and mean it! The little things that would’ve normally set you off now don’t seem to bother you all that much
  • feel radiant, confident and happy in your own skin, rather than foggy and feeling like there’s no way out!

Working together, I will walk you through a very specific step by step process that I’ve taken my clients through again and again. The fun part is that we individualize this process so you can fast track your success and happiness. It’s not a cookie cutter one size fits most program. I will meet you exactly where you are and take you far past your biggest dreams and desires.

I will wag my finger a bit and remind you that what you get out of our time together is directly related to what you put into it. Just like any relationship I want to make sure you are showing up for yourself in your own life. And this means you’ll need to put some skin in the game in order to see this dream, this vision, these ideas come to life. Not everything in life is worth having, but the things that are, require some elbow grease (and support). I’ll put my all into guiding you on your path to your big dreams!

Wanna talk about it?

Thirty minutes. You and me. Phone or video conferencing. We can get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit to work together. Remember I told you I’m fun? I pinky promise that this will be informative but not salesy. I hate salesy. What have you got to lose?

The Process:

What Working Together Looks Like

Get honest about what’s working (and what’s NOT working)

Get crystal clear on your dreams and how you really want your life to be

Set new boundaries, craft a plan of action, and get to work

Clarify, fine tune, and see your vision become your dream life

You’re in the right place:

If you have a big heart and a bigger sense of humor. Put on your seat belt because you’re in for a massive life change… Are you ready?

I love life and part of life is slowing down long enough to enjoy it so let’s not waste anymore of your precious time. Life is a journey and I don’t want you to feel like you’re in a hurry but I also know how important it is that you make noticeable changes to your life. To do that, I’ll help you to relax into any fears and anxieties while we create space for your dreams to unfold in their own natural progression and timing. (And we’ll have a darn good time while we’re at it!)

My clients are women who I not only love to coach and support with their goals, but are also women I’d love to enjoy a glass of wine with and some great honest conversation.

Does this resonate for you?

We may NOT be a good fit if you are:

Do any of these sound like you?

Cynical about the coaching process or not trusting

Overly pessimistic

Not ready to follow through on action steps we map out

Easily offended and super serious

Often late to appointments or ‘no-show’ to meetings

Unwilling to invest in yourself

Without scaring you off, I want to let you know that this work is important to me. It’s important because this shit works.

It’s OK if you feel nervous, fearful or worried as we begin to dive into the areas of your life where you are seeking change and support.

Fear is a very real and natural part of the process. Here’s the thing – fear pops up for everyone. Every-one. It generally happens at the worst possible moment, because that’s how fear works.

Fear protects us from danger and keeps us safe, but lets face it – we don’t always need to be protected. Sometimes we do, but sometimes we need to work through that fear so we can stretch out of our comfort zone to accomplish what we set out to do.

Here’s how we can work together:

Still not sure I’m your cup of tea? No problem!

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