Do you invest your precious time in pursuing a hobby?


You may believe that hobbies aren’t really necessary. After all, they do take time away from work and family. However, personal pursuits serve many important functions including helping keep you emotionally and mentally healthy.

If you’ve been avoiding spending time doing activities you like to do, maybe it’s time to re-commit to some “me time” and start up your favorite pastimes again.

1.    Hobbies provide an opportunity to release your stress and recharge your batteries.

It’s widely understood in the medical community that stress can be destructive. Crafts and other personal activities help you let go of stress as you focus on something you enjoy.

⦁    When you feel anxiety or frustration, hobbies are a healthy outlet for those feelings.
⦁    Immersing yourself in your favorite activity frees you from troublesome thoughts.

2.    Explore your creative side through practicing a hobby.

Do you typically take time out of your busy day to let your creative juices flow? Hobbies fulfill this very important role, giving you the time and reason to produce something of your own design.

3.    Planning time to do your special craft says that you’re important and worthy.

You deserve to have those special moments. They’re a great way to practice self-care!

4.    Hobbies can bring balance to your life with social activities.

Socializing is an important element of a balanced life. Hobbies can serve as encouragement to socialize, particularly if you display your wares or stay active in a club.

5.    Personal pastimes bring fun and enjoyment to your life.

Hobbies are truly enjoyable for many people and give you a chance to take delight in something you’re doing.

6.    Your work or career may not allow you to express yourself as you might like.

Hobbies, on the other hand, provide an outlet for personal expression.

⦁    If your passion is painting pictures, you can paint whatever you want. Likewise, if you knit, you can choose the color, yarn, gauge, and pattern, to create something all your own.

⦁    Because everyday life can seem monotonous and bring feelings of powerlessness, hobbies serve as wonderful respites.

7.    Particularly for people who live alone, pastimes provide structure and ritual to life.

Perhaps as soon as you get home from work and grab a beverage, you can find your sketchpad and go outdoors to sketch a tree or the house across the street.

⦁    Rituals are comforting and enjoyable, and hobbies are a wonderful way to spend time alone.

8.    Many hobbies are versatile; you can do them by yourself or with friends.

Experiment with attending your local club or group to practice your pursuit with others.


Seeking Your Special Hobby:  Follow your Passion

First of all, spend some time doing activities that bring you joy. Not sure what that might be? Get curious!

⦁    Start looking around for a new hobby. Keep your mind open to new activities you hear about.

⦁    Check out your local newspaper or listen to the local radio station to discover what’s going on in your community. Maybe there’s a new boating club or book discussion group you’d like to join.


What’s that thing that made you pick up your phone to google more about it? Pay attention to those little sparks, they’re the clues that could lead you to a new hobby.

⦁    Feel free to just try it to see if you’re going to enjoy a new activity. You don’t buy new jeans without trying them on first  – trying out a new hobby is much the same. You can always move on to another (or even more than one!) if the first one doesn’t suit you.

⦁    Pay attention to the hobbies of your friends and neighbors. Ask to observe your friends or even join them for a morning, afternoon or evening, taking part in their activities to see what you think.


(Or check out this handy dandy LIST I found on the internet for you!)

Hobbies Are Important For Many Reasons


De-stressing, allowing creativity, bringing balance to your life and providing opportunities for self-expression are all benefits of investing your time in a hobby. If you haven’t spent time lately with your beloved pastime, now’s the time to get back to it (or start something new!).

Before you know it, your life will feel more enriched than ever before!



So what’s your favorite hobby? I’d love to hear about it – I always enjoy trying new things!